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Monday, July 19, 2010

Budget Beauties


Has the economy rebounded yet? Let me know because I'm still squirreling away nickles and dimes to make sure I can afford the little splurges in life-like lattes or better yet the essentials-like gas! I know that bronzer will never be in the same category as groceries when it comes to budgeting the "must haves"; but I want to be able to show you how you can still look like a million bucks while penny pinching.

Tip One: Professional Guidance

Would you represent yourself in court without the assistance of a lawyer? Would you operate on yourself in lieu of obtaining a doctor? If you answered yes to either of those questions-skip this section because this part isn't for you! But if you answered a resounding "NO" then listen up my lovelies I'm here to give you the most important tip on saving money on cosmetics. Develop a relationship with a makeup artist. That one tip alone just saved you hundreds of dollars-you can thank me now. But seriously, why waste your time wandering the aisles in blind confusion picking up that shade of peach that you think might kinda sorta work for you? Then you get home to try your new peach blush and you look like a Oompa Lumpa!
Oh my!

 Avoid this disaster by seeking out a professional who can help guide you to the colors that are right for you. A professional beauty consultant will serve as your compass and can map out your beauty regime from start to finish for an entire season. They can also provide you with some fantastic samples too-so you can give a product a "test drive" before you make a commitment. Your professional will also be able to point you in the direction of multi-functional products. A great example of an essential multifunctional product is the Trish McEvoy Classic Eye Pencil -which gives you the eyeliner on one side and a sponge tip on the opposite site to do your smudging. Your cosmetic artist can teach you tricks of the trade to show how well your bronzer can do as a shadow as well as a contouring agent. Your cosmetic artist should have the goal of forming a genuine partnership with you. So if you come across one whose more concerned about the sale and less concerned about how to make you look your best-run for your life--and land right into my chair!

Tip Two: Avoid the Trend Splurge

Shimmery Shiny Neon Metallic Glitter-these are all trend centered cosmetics. And while these trends have their place in the beauty world, its not necessary to sink big bucks into a look that's only going to be relevant for a couple of months. Don't feel like you have to go higher end when you want to rock the look of the moment. Your local Target has all relevant brands (check out the Wet N Wild line girls!!)  when you're looking to save money. L'Oreal has a line of great products that are all the rage and don't cost a fortune. Pop into an Ulta or Target (pronounced Tar-jay of course!) and seek out the HiP (High Intensity Pigment) line.
There are a myriad of fun eye shadows and lip colors that will keep you right on trend and cost as little as $6.00.  See, we don't have to stop shopping-just shop smarter!

Tip Three: Homemade Remedies

One of the most efficient and time honored ways of saving money on your beauty regime is to raid your kitchen pantry. You know those homemade recipes that grandma passed down-some of those work like a charm and have that 'green' factor to boot! Here are a few of my favorite homemade remedies that work like magic.

Honey Skin Cleanser
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 teaspoon honey
2 teaspoons cider vinegar
Mix ingredients. Apply to face gently and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
Baking Soda will forever be a staple in homemade cosmetic recipes. One of my favorite uses is baking soda as an exfoliant. Mix 3 parts baking soda with 1 part water and Voila!-you have a scrub that will leave your skin baby booty smooth!
One of my favorite indulgences are facial masks. It invigorates the skin and gives your complexion a glow unlike no other. I have a humble yet effective facial mask recipe that has never failed me.
Cooling Cucumber Facial Mask
Smash 3 cucumbers to a pulp
Add 1 egg white
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
Combine ingredients and leave on face for 20 minutes.
Believe me sweethearts your skin will thank you for that one!
If you're feeling ambitious and want to keep this do it yourself trend a staple in your beauty arsenal do yourself a favor and pick up this fantastic book by Lisa Sharon Belkin entitled The Cosmetics Cookbook: Over 50 recipes to beautify your face, hair, and entire body you can whip up at home for practically pennies!
 It's filled with some of the most valuable tips you'll ever come across to keep you gorgeous.
OK my frugal fabulous felines~ I've poured out a small amount of handy tips on how to save money and still keep you-you vampy little vixen-looking like a mega watt superstar. I hope some of these tips come in handy. I'd love to hear your feedback-so don't be afraid to drop me a line.
Bisous my Beauties!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010



This HEAT!! This overwhelming blistering heat!! As soon as I step off my front porch it looks as if I've just come back from a dip in the Atlantic. I've instructed the dog to walk himself and begged my postman to hand deliver all my mail to save me a trip to my mailbox. I've clipped an electric fan to the front of my shirt and all my meals consist of pineapple popsicles! Ok my sweethearts, some of that may be slight exaggerations but you get my point-the dog days of summer are upon us. As we break out the flip flops and tanks tops I know you all are asking yourself, "How do I maintain my sexy? How does this heat affect my beauty regime?" Well, you asked and I answer. I have some great glam tips up my sleeve to save the day. So pour yourself a tall glass of sweet iced tea and take notes.

1. A healthy natural bronze glow in the summer is envy of all makes you look fresh and relaxed. The secret is getting this look without pruning yourself in the damaging rays of the sun. If you find yourself in New York City, step into Trish McEvoy's skin care center on 60th & 5th to get the most natural, golden, glorious spray tan ever delivered to even the most exclusive celebs. However, if you're sticking closer to home I have two suggestions. First, exfoliate your skin (especially your elbows and knees) and then pick up L'Oreal Sublime Bronze from your local drug store. I adore this spray! It goes on like a fine mist, you do not have to blend, it delivers the most beautiful color, and the scent reminds me of the beach. The next thing I would suggest is to switch from a moisturizer to a serum. A moisturizer will only add a layer of heaviness to your skin. A serum will not only be a much lighter alternative that works for all ages and skin types, but you can receive the benefits of anti aging ingredients, moisture retaining qualities, as well as immediate and lasting results all within a water like texture. My personal fav is Trish McEvoy's Beauty Booster Serum  mainly because it "works in synergy to attract and retain moisture as well as stimulate natural collagen production" And couldn't use a little dose of synergy in a bottle?!

Then followed that beautiful season... Summer....

Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape

Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
2. If you are going to be enjoying the 'magical light' of summer that Longfellow describes-then you MUST make sure your skin is protected. If you're going to the beach-get yourself a sun hat. You can pick up a wide brimmed straw sun hat from everywhere to the local TJ Maxx to the nearby Neiman Marcus. But a sexy sun hat isn't enough for these sizzling afternoons. You must remember that sunscreen is absolutely vital. Without it you are leaving yourself prone to premature aging, skin blemishes and worst of all-melanoma. I have come across a light as a feather sunblock that not only is a miracle worker but is produced locally here in Charleston. It's called LUCA- I recommend using the LUCA SPF 30 Daily Moisturizer.This super formula "provides up to 6 hours of protection" which is approximately 3 hours longer than the normal sunscreens on the market. Pair your sunblock with a mineral powder foundation, in lieu of a heavier liquid foundation. These quick fix solutions will have you prepped to meet these balmy (cute word for sweaty!) afternoons and magical rays of the sun well protected.

3. Meltdowns of any variety are best to be avoided-but makeup meltdowns are a special shade of tragic seeing as it's literally written all over your face! Keep these teeny products close at hand to beat the summer blues and still look and feel like the epitome of 'so fresh and so clean'!

MD Skincare EZ4U 2 GO 4 in 1 Facial Treatment

These handy towelettes treat all skin types in cleansing and moisturizing all without water. 

Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Lip Gloss in Sexy Nude

This shade looks gorgeous on every client that I've ever tried it on. I literally have them calling me up to deliver this shade by the dozen. Trish McEvoy's Booster Lip glosses are brilliant because not only do they contain Booster serum to hydrate the lips but also have sunblock. Nothing is easy and as brightening to any complexion than a dot of lip gloss. Not only does it give the lips a fresh appearance but it also gives a more youthful look!

Evian Mineral Water (travel size)

What a handy way to refresh your complexion, set your makeup, remove perspiration and deliver a cool mist all in one! 

Sugar Deodorant Antiperspirant -by Fresh

Now don't laugh, but I am a fan of being prepared for every emergency. Lets all 'raise our hands to be sure'-but in this case raise our hands and be Sugar fresh!

Ok beauty mavens, we are officially ready for whatever Summer 2010 has to throw our way. We are protected, powered, misted and scented. I'd love to hear how some of these tips may have worked for you because above everything else Summer makeup should feel weightless, make us look crisp, and most importantly be easy.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This is a little late, but better late than never. We met Corey and her bridal party in April. Check her out, she's gorgeous!

I received a call on the RED line one Friday afternoon. A dear friend (Brooke Ryan) was taking over her friend’s beauty plans for the wedding day. Corey is a confident girl that had yet to find confidence in the craftsmanship of a makeup artist -- that's when they contacted me.

A lovely girl with flawless skin and perfect features such as Corey wants to look at her wedding photo’s 20, 30, 40 years from now and see her beauty, not the makeup. I was more than honored to deliver just that!

Nicole and I did a subtle eye yet sultry eyes since it was a late afternoon wedding. Charleston had yet to be overwhelmed with humidity so primer was not a must, but mineral powder a given. To achieve the classic clean look of this romance meets relaxed day was a breeze. Trish McEvoy Eye Base Essential in Sand, High Volume Mascara in black (as if there were any other appropriate color) Bronze shimmer powder with a touch of Peony blush high on the apples of the cheek, and a swish of Irrestible Petal lip gloss on her lips completed the perfect, NATURAL, and flawless bride!!!!

“I can’t begin to thank you ENOUGH for making me feel absolutely beautiful on my wedding day!! You’re the BEST!! Thanks xoxo! Corey Gilbreath

One of the most overlooked aspects of doing wedding makeup is the reward of making those who are important to this day look and feel important. I created a look for sister Kylie, bridesmaids Jenny and Brooke, and Corey’s mother-in-law that did not overpower the bride, but made them feel and look as beautiful as the special day. Makeup for the bridal party needs to stay put and be worry free. That’s where Trish McEvoy primer and beauty booster serum is your best friend. (Check previous blog post.)

FOUR woman and one pencil! Essential Pencil in Nude, which is customized with the appropriate gloss for the individual guest.

Corey, what a perfect day! I had a wonderful time! -Andrew

Photos by Kellan Studios of Virginia.

You can contact Andrew Petersen directly at 843.817.0303 or via email at Get the latest beauty advice from his blog and daily updates on Twitter at


You are cordially invited to come see me at this event! Hope to see you there! -Andrew

Introducing the Capri Collection
 by Trish McEvoy

24-Hour Eye Shadow and LinerHighlights 
All Over Face Color
Classic Lip Color Natural 2 and Vibrant
Beauty Booster Lip Gloss SPF 15 Pretty Pink
Introducing our new custom Makeup Planner collection created exclusively for Trish's Gwynn's of Mount Pleasant Power of Makeup Workshop.  From eyes, to lips, to face - this collection features must haves for a complete summer look housed in Trish's chic faux Python Petite Makeup Planner. $125

Thursday June 24th - 10:00am, 12:30pm, 3:00pm
To reserve your place please call: 843.884.9518
Limited Seating

Come and see us.

You can contact Andrew Petersen directly at 843.817.0303 or via email at Get the latest beauty advice from his blog and daily updates on Twitter at

Tuesday, June 1, 2010



We've been repaired and rejuvenated my lambs but now we are ready to unleash that inner tigress (or tiger in my case!) and take on a beautiful dare! Often times when we've lost a relationship/job/opportunity we become down on ourselves-I find that taking on a beauty dare can lift your spirits. A beauty dare can range from the mild to the wild-depending on your comfort level. You can create a sexy vamp or the au naturel girl next door. Above all-this is the step that allows you to flex your versatility and have FUN. So color inside or outside the lines my love-as long as you do a beautiful dare!

STEP ONE: Don't be afraid to "Sex Up" the eye! Lady Gaga immediately enters my mind as a daring beauty diva,and part of her fierceness emanates from the eyes. She rocks long lashes, bright eye colors,glitter and painted on lighting bolts with the greatest of ease. But not everyone can pull off a painted on lightning bolt without our friends and co-workers wondering if we've gone off the deep end into a crater of crazy. So I suggest easing into this look, and one way of doing that is playing with lashes. Shu Uemura has an amazing lash collection ( that you must get acquainted with. If you're stepping out to try a new restaurant with friends-or with that new cutie you now have a chance to ask on a date (since your're single and able to mingle) I suggest going with something more sophisticated. Try a set of lashes that look like a natural extension like Shu's 'black focal false' lash that gives you the eyes of an innocent fawn. Or you can try the 'luxe black' which is celebrity inspired and gives you volume and intensity. One of my most requested eye look is the 'smokey eye'-it's a subtle seduction my darlings. The smokey eye looks best when created with Trish McEvoy's Matte Eyeshadows, McEvoy Classic Eye Pencil, and the Trish McEvoy Eye Base Essentials

The secret to the perfect smokey eye is proper priming with the eye base, lining and smudging with the classic eye pencil and blending with the matte eyeshadow. Its a look I've done for several of my brides and for beauties stopping in to see me before their night on the town. Remember-eyes are windows to the soul, so press play on your Gaga CD sex those eyes up!

STEP TWO: Maybe your mood is less glam and more natural-I've got something for you in my bag of tricks too dear reader. Being in Charleston, South Carolina I've noticed that the sun kissed beach look is in high demand. It's certainly daring to let go of any heavy concealers, blushes or foundations that you might have been using as a crutch. Come out from under that foundation girls and enjoy a daring make under! I recently went out with one of my closest friends that I had convinced to try the minimalist look for the day. She recieved so many compliments based on the fact that she was even more radiant without the assistance of makeup. Try putting the lipstick aside for a weekend and wear only a natural colored gloss. has a wonderful selection of organic lip glosses that would fantastically enhance the natural you. I suggest you pucker up to a paraben free Korres Lip Butter. Of course part of being naturally gorgeous is taking care of your skin. I want to steer you to something that EVERYONE should have close at hand for skin protection and conditioning-Trish McEvoy's Luxe Moisture Balm SPF 15. To say that this stick balm is pocket size perfection would be an understatment. You can slip this into your purse and take it everywhere to combat dryness and protect you from the sun's aging rays. Don't you dare go out without applying your sunscreen liberally sweethearts! I see no need to usher in the nasty side effects the sun can impose. Consider the Luxe Moisture Balm your personal portable shield.

STEP THREE: Dare to give into a beautiful temptation. Buy those pair of hot shoes or handbag that have been calling your name for the last few months (psst-Saks on King Street has a massive going out of business sale going on right now!) Go to your stylist and have them try something new and exciting with your hair. Maybe you can even try some extensions for the fun of it. Stop wearing the same shade of lipstick you've been rocking since college. Have your cosmetic artist (ahem-me) recommend something new that will dazzle and delight the senses. Try a new hobby that allows you to create beauty, like painting, pottery, or photography. As long as you dare to step out of your comfortable box and into the better you-you can't go wrong.
Breaking up is hard to do my loves-but as I've attempted to show you, small efforts can make it easier to cope. A quote from one of the most inspiring books I've read, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, says "Decide what you want .. believe you can have it, believe you deserve it, believe it's possible for you". I want to help all those that I can believe in the beauty that is possible for them no matter what the circumstances.


Friday, May 21, 2010


Bonjour Beauties! Our Breakup Makeup topic for this edition is Rejuvenate. The art of rejuvenation is really quite apropos to my life currently. Here's why, the Grand Dame of fashion on lower King Street, Saks Fifth Avenue, that has served as one of my bases for the past several years, is closing in July. As you might imagine this news has caused a great deal of self reflection and a desire to rejuvenate myself and to extend this renewal effort to all those affected. I cannot fully express how much I'll miss my regular downtown divas (who will hopefully continue visit me at Gwynns of Mt. Pleasant!) and my fantastic co-workers. But in this time of lay offs and downsizing I know that we are not the only ones going through these types of transitions. So this Breakup Makeup segment will also apply to how to rejuvenate after breaking up (moving on) with elements of our lives that are about more than personal relationships.

When you're feeling crummy the last thing you want is to walk around looking like a sad sack that illicit whispers of " that poor miserable thing" as you pass by. The first step in lighting our load is to look the part. We have to rejuvenate and thus ILLUMINATE!

STEP ONE: Make this step a morning ritual. Stretch, meditate or go for your morning run. Then meet yourself in the mirror with an vocally confident "Hello Beautiful"-and say it like you mean it!! After your morning greeting, I've got a small recommendation for you that could possibly change your beauty regime forever. Its what I like to refer to as one of the 'essentials'. In order to properly rejuvenate we have to clean off all the toxins that the environment and life seems to fling our way. Cleanse with Trish McEvoy's Even Skin Glycolic Wash. If you want to positively beam like the sun and have people wondering how you've gotten a gulp from the fountain of youth- this wash is your tonic! This is the product that you'll be buying in bulk to give as Christmas gifts my friends-take my word for it.

STEP TWO: "Out damned spot-out I say!" exclaimed Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth; and that's what we're saying to all that stands in the way of our rejuvenation. Whether that be sad memories of a relationship lost, the stress that accompanies a new beginning, or those nagging voices of doubt that linger in the back of your subconscious- OUT I say!! At the end of your day light some scented candles in your powder room, (Archipelago Botanicals has some gorgeous scents-one of which is dubbed 'Charleston'!) prep your warm luxuriating bath and get out your Trish McEvoy's N° 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk Body Polish Sugar Scrub. You'll smell absolutely heavenly after using this sugar and sea salt scrub and your skin will feel like cashmere. I truly believe in bringing the spa to you when you can't go to the spa. So leap into that bath and scrub those cares away my loves!

STEP THREE: One way to rejuvenate is to create. I LOVE helping my clients create a new vision of themselves. I LOVE the feeling that comes with introducing a new product or new technique that my friends and clients learn to treasure. My job is to be an artist; and my canvas is a wide selection of every gorgeous client that comes my way. I want to literally arm you with the tools that help me help others create new beauty on a daily basis. Luckily, Trish has put these tools together in one easy breezy package called the Essential Brush Collection. Listen to all this kit includes: Deluxe Blending, Deluxe Tapered Blending, Deluxe Eye Contour, Deluxe Eye Definition Duo, Deluxe Even Skin Correct & Blend Duo and Deluxe Lip. So toss out ALL those old brushes that's harboring all that old bacteria and come see me for your first set of dynamic brushes that will create your masterpiece.

Webster's dictionary defines Rejuvenation as an act: "to make young or youthful again, give new vigor, to restore to an original or new state". Loss of meaningful relationships can feel like a loss of vigor. But a loss will not break us my darlings. We'll strengthen ourselves with a great bottle of wine with our closest friends,a relaxing hour massage at our favorite spa and of course helping others any way we can. I know you find a renewal too! 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Arguably, breakups are one of hardest feats that life has to throw at us. Fortunately, you have me to guide you through this-because goodness knows I've been there a time or two! I don't hold the key to eliminating the pain of a lost love,but I can give you a plan to revitalize your beauty regime and thus enlighten your spirit.
First, lets agree that letting go of a relationship doesn't mean letting go of yourself. You'll soon see that with a great deal of emotional support and a few cosmetic tricks of the trade, you'll be exfoliating the past and revealing the refreshed you! We'll begin our Breakup Makeup Plan with the goal of repair.


STEP ONE: You're going to need to pamper those peepers once you've expended your tears. You don't want to step out looking like you just went a few rounds with a prize fighter! I have a miracle elixir in my arsenal that will have you back to the bright eyed beauty that you are- Trish's Intense Eye Treatment . It will hydrate, smooth and rejuvenate the eye area with a couple of applications. The old stand by of chilled cucumber slices over the eyes and staying well hydrated will put your eye treatment into turbo boost-so definitely make sure you're well stocked with those essentials.

STEP TWO: Brighten your skin! One of the best ways to get across the message of moving on is to positively GLOW! Trust me when I tell you that Trish McEvoy's Beauty Booster Cream will have you looking and feeling like the brightest star in the constellation! This cream will erase fatigue and deliver a dose of mega moisture. The process of moving on can zap your energy level. Relax with a good book, or meditate for 30 minutes while using the Beauty Booster Cream as a mask-that's a little trade secret from me to you. *wink*

STEP THREE: Pucker up and get ready to kiss the world 'Hello' again. This list is intended to help get you up and at 'em again. That doesn't mean finding a new relationship-but finding your best you. So sign up for that pilates class you've been thinking about, try out the hot new restaurant with your friends, go out and reconnect with your neighbors at the local Farmers Market-you get the picture-get out there! But don't meet the world with those neglected lips, apply some of McEvoy's Luxe Moisture Balm with SPF 15. Trust me when I tell you, once you've taken up the routine of moisturizing your lips you'll never want to stop. It's a small action that delivers a HUGE impact. Like Trish says its "a little lifesaver"!

CONGRATULATIONS-you're officially on the road to repair! These are 3 small easy steps, which of course will be more affective with the love of your closest friends and family, a healthy organic based diet and lots of gut busting laughter. Stick by my side my darlings, this was merely the first step in our Breakup Makeup Plan. I intend to boldly take you into the next level of gorgeous!!

CALL ME! 843.817.0303
VISIT ME! Saks 211 King Street Charleston, SC or Gwynns of Mt. Pleasant 916 Houston Northcutt Blvd. Mt. Pleasant, SC.